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FAT FENDER, BEST OF SHOW, Favorite CUSTOM, East End Cruisers CLUB CHOICE, Favorite ENGINE, Favorite 4X4, Favorite FLAMES, Best Display, Favorite GM, CLUB PARTICIPATION, Favorite Early Model 20's, 30's & 40's, Favorite LADIES RIDE, Favorite LOW RIDER, Favorite FAMILY RIDE, Favorite STOCK, Favorite FORD, Favorite UNUSUAL, Favorite OPEN CLASS, LADIES CHOICE, Favorite INTERIOR, OLDEST RODDER, Favorite Late Model 50's, 60's & 70's, Favorite MOPAR ,ROWDY RIDE, UNDER CONSTRUCTION, YOUNGEST RODDER, Peoples Choice, LONG DISTANCE, Favorite UTILITY, Favorite TRUCK, Favorite PAINT.

3 awards are given out on Saturday for one day attendee's

Special Thank You to Blanton's Market & Cowlitz River Lodge